Centrelink refers to Australia’s social security payments program which is operated by Services Australia (formerly the Department of Human Services).

Centrelink provides a wide range of payments depending on your individual circumstances. There is the JobSeeker payment for adults looking for work, or Youth Allowance for job seekers that are under 21.

There is also the Disability Support Pension for people who are unable to work due to impairment. There is also the Mobility Allowance which helps with the additional travel costs incurred for those who can’t use public transport. (Please note, if you receive NDIS, you will not receive Mobility Allowance, rather you will receive a Transport Payment in your plan).

Sometimes, Centrelink disagree with what payment you are eligible for and as a result, you may need to review this decision. It can be useful to get advice about your individual circumstances within the context of Centrelink. Basic Rights Queensland and Townsville Community Law both provide specialized social security rights advice. Additionally, you may be able to apply for a grant of aid from Legal Aid Queensland to be supported during an external review. To understand how to review a decision you disagree with, read the Reviews and Appeals of a Centrelink decision webpage.