There are a few different types of reviews when talking about the NDIS.

The first type of review is a scheduled review. A scheduled review occurs before the end of the current plan date. It can also be called an “annual review” when your plan is one year long. Sometimes the NDIA do not have the ability to do a schedule review and if this is the case, your plan will be automatically extended for 12 months.

The second type of review is an unscheduled review. This type of review is also called a section 48 review, as this is the section in the NDIS Act that allows this type of review to occur. An unscheduled review usually occurs when a participant has had a change of circumstances and needs to change their plan. You can request a change of circumstances review by filling out the change of circumstances form and emailing it to the NDIA.

The third type of review is a review of a reviewable decision (RoRD). This type of review is also called an internal review (IR) or a section 100 review. A review of a reviewable decision is for when you disagree with certain decisions the NDIA have made. Section 99 of the NDIS Act outlines the decisions that are reviewable, however the most common reviews of reviewable decisions are for people who have been denied access (access not met) and for people who are unhappy with the funding provided in their plan. It is recommended you fill out the request for a review of a reviewable decision form to ensure all questions about your review are answered. You must ask for a review of a reviewable decision within 3 months of receiving the decision you are disagree with.

Finally, the last type of review is an external review. Should you request for a review of a reviewable decision, and still disagree with the outcome, you can lodge an application for the matter to be heard before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). This application can be completed via phone (1800 228 333), by the AAT portal or via email using the AAT application form. It is important to lodge your application within 28 days of receiving the outcome of the review of a reviewable decision. If you need to lodge the application after 28 days, you will also need lodge an application for an extension of time.

After you have lodged at the AAT, you should be offered a free advice appointment with Legal Aid Queensland. Should you require further assistance, you can search for NDIS appeals advocacy organisations using the National Disability Advocacy finder.