Guardianship and administration

In Queensland, people can apply to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal for a formal guardian or administrator to be appointed to manage different decisions on behalf of a person with disability. The application may request that the Office of the Public Guardian be appointed to make certain decisions, the Public Trustee be appointed to manage money, or even a friend or family member be appointed to do either or both.

However, not all people with disability need someone else to make decisions for them, and often people with disability would like to continue being their own decision maker. It can be extremely useful for a person with disability to have an advocate provide them advice or representation.

Queensland Advocacy Incorporated, Aged and Disability Advocacy, and LawRight all provide guardianship and administration advice and advocacy to people with disability. LawRight also has some great factsheets which help breakdown guardianship and administration matters. The Office of the Public Guardian also have a wide array of factsheets.

It should be noted that these organisations will only provide advice to the person with disability. If someone else other than the person with disability is seeking advice about guardianship or administration, they should contact Carers Queensland Guardianship and Advocacy Program.