Everyone Can Work (a project by Inclusion Australia) is a great place to start for people with disability wanting to enter the workforce. It breakdowns the A-Z of employment, the difference between open employment, supported employment (Australian Disability Enterprises) and how you may be able to use your NDIS funding to gain employment.

Under law, an employer is required to make reasonable adjustment to ensure a person with disability is able to complete their role. The Job Access Scheme by the Federal Government can help by providing advice on reasonable adjustments and in some cases, by providing financial support to make adjustments.

There is also the Disability Employment Services (DES) which is funded by the Federal Government and operated by providers to help people with disability find and keep work. People with disability can find a DES provider by using the ‘Find a provider’ search function on the Job Access website. Sometimes, people with disability have difficulties using DES providers and need to make a complaint. Complaints can be made to the Complaints Resolution and Referral Service by calling 1800 880 052 or by using the online complaint form.

Caxton Legal Centre have created some factsheets about work and life which are available on their website.