Criminal Law

Criminal law refers to involvement with the criminal justice system. People with disability could be engage with the criminal justice system either as an accused (or offender), or as a victim. If the Police are involved, usually the matter will fall under Criminal law. The matter may involve the Magistrates Court, the District Court, the Supreme Court, the Mental Health Court, the Childrens Court and Courts of Appeal. For people who are accused of a crime, it is important they connect with Legal Aid Queensland as soon as possible to secure legal assistance. You can do this by calling Legal Aid Queensland on 1300 65 11 88.

As Legal Aid funding is means tested, you may need to engage with a private criminal lawyer. The Queensland Law Society have a “Find a Solicitor” search engine, which can help identify lawyers who practice in the area of law needed.

In Queensland, those who are engaged with the criminal justice system (either as an accused or a victim) and have an intellectual impairment can seek advocacy assistance from Queensland Advocacy Incorporated’s Justice Support Program. The Justice Support Program can ensure that appropriate legal services are engaged, try to resolve the issue or cause of issue, engage other supports such as counselling or personal assistance and assist the person with disability to understand and comply with Court directions.